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Who's Josh?

How exactly does someone go from math major to professional writer and content marketer? Good question... Here's the story. 

writer + content marketer + brand storyteller

One of the many reasons I love my job: The opportunity to visit — and learn from — some of the best software companies in the world...

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.
— Ernest Hemingway

One of just a handful of halfway decent shots at Arcadia Bluffs in Arcadia, Mich...

I haven't always been a writer.

In fact, I started college as a math major (epic fail) and only discovered my ability to write by accident (through an "Introduction to Journalism" class that I took just to fill up my credit schedule). Frankly, there are still things I don't love about writing. It can be creatively draining, mentally taxing, and disproportionately time consuming relative to other creative activities. 

What I do love about writing — and content marketing, in general — is the opportunity it gives us to tell a story in an unavoidably compelling, detail-rich way. We've all experienced the feeling of picking up and tearing through a great book. You can't put it down until you've completed it. And even then, the best books (or magazine articles, or case studies, or...) typically leave you wanting more. 

Content marketing gives people like me (and the companies I work with) the opportunity to create the same feeling. 


Another good question. And I suppose the answer depends on the context of your question. 

Truth is, every company possesses the core elements of a story — plot, characters, conflict, narrative, resolution. Some businesses just need a little nudge to uncover those elements and communicate them in a way that's unavoidably compelling. And that's where I come in.

If you really want to paint me into a corner, I'm a writer. But since you're asking, I prefer to think of myself as a brand journalist — the middle man responsible for translating a company's thought leadership, utility, intelligence, and insight into content (blog posts, reports, ebooks, videos, website copy, etc.) that its customers actually want to consume.

In 5+ years as a gun-for-hire, I've helped enterprise businesses, emerging startups, and individual consultants create a wide variety of content — from 50-page eBooks and highly technical white papers, to video interviews, infographics, and ghostwritten blog posts. My focus and expertise generally revolves around the B2B software industry, but I've also worked with consumer brands, as well.


In a previous life, I was a reporter and editor for a newspaper publishing company in New England, and a copywriter/account executive at CBS (a place and a job that convinced me interruptive marketing was a dying strategy...). 

When I'm not writing or working with businesses to improve their content marketing strategies, I'm a dad to twin girls, husband to a lawyer-turned-HR pro, and wannabe PGA golfer. Always in that order — and with the latter entering dangerously into fantasy land (see: picture to the left). Despite my mediocre golf game, I have been lucky enough to play a handful of the best courses in the world, including Arcadia Bluffs (left), Muirfield Village, and Brookwood Golf Club (shameless plug for my home course...).  

Want to know more about my work? You can view a snapshot of my portfolio here. Wondering how I could help your business? Shoot me a line here, or reach out via LinkedIn or Twitter