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Josh Zywien: The Journey of a Freelance Writer, Content Marketer, Content Strategist, and Brand Storyteller. 

Hi, I'm Josh. 

I haven't always been a writer. Or a marketer. 

In fact, I started college as a math major (epic fail) and only discovered my love of writing serendipitously when I chose to fill my credit schedule with "Intro to Journalism" instead of "Principles of Racquetball." Good thing, too. Not sure there's much of a future in professional racquetball...

In the first week of that journalism class, the teacher passed around two different versions of a fictitious story about a cat being rescued from a tree. The first delivered the narrative you might expect: "Cat climbed tree. Owner found cat. Firefighter saved cat. The end." The second took a much different approach. It described how the cat scurried up the tree; the color of the sky; the drooping branches of the willow tree; the firefighter's worn suit; the wailing cry of the truck's siren. 

Ultimately, both stories covered the basic elements of the story. But when the professor asked which one we'd rather read, the class vote was unanimous. 

OK. It's a stranded cat story. Who cares? 

You should, because your business is a story. There's a plot (the company's reason for existing). There are characters (executives, employees, customers, vendors, partners). And there's invariably conflict (challenges and pain points) and and resolution (the secret sauce that makes your customers and the company happy). Problem is, the mere presence of those elements won't magically produce a compelling story (just as a two-page outline of To Kill a Mockingbird wouldn't be enough to actually write the book...). Instead, most businesses need skilled tacticians who can identify unique wrinkles and massage them into a truly engaging narrative.  

In 8+ years as a copywriter and brand journalist, I've helped several businesses — from Inc 500 companies and early-stage startups, to one of the world's top VC firms — do just that. Curious if (and how) I can help your business? Check out the buttons below or give me a shout via Twitter @jmzywien

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